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Top 10 - Mother's Day

Top 10 Personalized Gifts
The best personalized gifts courtesy of Personal Creations 

Top 10 Books to Buy Mom
Mother's Day books to make sure Mom spends some time relaxing

Top 10 TV Moms
From animated moms to moms we grew up, the mother's that we learned from courtesy of television.

Top 10 Momisms
Quotes you have heard from your mom and are probably using yourself!

Top 10 Gift Ideas
What should you do with Mom on her special day? ��Be creative!

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Top 10 Flowers for Moms
What flowers make the most beautiful bouquets?

Top 10 Engraved Gifts New!
The best engraved gifts courtesy of Things Remembered

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Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate your Mother on Mother's Day

  • Without her, you wouldn't be reading this today...
  • Mother's Day can be traced to ancient times when many would honor their mother just as the goddesses
  • Mother's Day is a perfect reason to visit family
  • Honor the women around you who have cared and mentored you in the past
  • It's a day to honor your wife and the mother of your own children
  • Mother's Day is a way to reflect on the generations of mother's in the past
  • You probably don't tell her is the day so tell your Mom how you feel
  • Without her, you wouldn't have had the chance to experience children of your own
  • Remember the courage and strength of mothers who have passed away with a moment of silence
  • Count your blessings and be thankful you still have a Mother to celebrate

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