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Top Ten Flowers for Moms

Which Flowers mean Love?
From roses to daisies...

Top Ten Flowers

Say it with Flowers this Mother's Day!

We all know lilies and tulips signify spring, but what other flowers would make great Mother's Day bouquets this year?  We've checked out the latest colors and compiled the most beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets.

12 Long Stemmed Roses

1. Roses

If you're looking for elegance this Mother's Day, then roses are your best bet. Put together a bouquet of different colors and suprise your mother with such good taste.

2. Bougainvillea Try to say that three times fast! The title may be hard to spit out, but what these flowers will 'say' to Mom is sure to be something beautiful.
Bougainvillea3. Iris

Mix with few tulips or lilies you will have a great springtime table decoration. Perfect for your breakfast table on the morning of Mother's Day.

4. Gerbera Daisies

These flowers radiate peace and beauty. These are great in a vase or potted to enjoy for weeks to come. A popular wedding flower, springtime flower, flower for your Mom. 
Gerbera Daisies

5. Daisies

After a long winter, Mom is sure to enjoy daisies. They are bright, cheerful and say
"I appreciate you Mom!"

6. Hyacinths Put a few lavender hyacinths in a bouquet with tulips.  The hyacinths look like little butterflies and mixed with tulips it's a match made in heaven. 7. White Lillies

A bouquet of white lillies is amazing. White is the color of purity, peace and love. A perfect match for a great mom like yours.
White Lillies

8. Tulips

April is the month tulips begin to bloom and who can resist that feeling of springtime inside their home?!? Go with the colors you love and mix and match for a boquet your Mother is sure to love.

9. Chrysanthemums

Can't decide? Let the florist be creative with this popular boquet of selected Chrysanthemum favorites.

10. Deluxe Lucky Bamboo

So this is a little different, not a flower at all. But every Mom needs a little luck, she's been raising you after all...just kidding.

Our Favorite Mother's Day bouquets

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