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Spending Survey - Mother's Day

More Spent on Mom Than Dad

Survey indicates Mother's Day is the second largest holiday for gift-giving

Research from Carlton Cards and the International  Mass Retailers Association (IMRA) reveals consumers spend more on Mother's Day  than Father's Day. The number 1 item purchased for mom? A card. Nearly 80  percent of us will buy one this year.     

Consumers also tend to buy fancier cards for mom than for dad. "Our  research shows most people don't want to economize on their mothers," says  Susy Miranda, Carlton Cards' manager of seasonal cards. "Although we do offer  value cards priced 99 cents to $1.99, the more elaborate cards consistently  outsell them every year."     

Mother's Day is the second-largest holiday for gift-giving, the  leading day of the year for long distance phone calls, the busiest day for  restaurant dining and the third largest greeting card holiday.     

"Some of the disparity occurs because women tend to purchase not only for  their own mothers, but for all the mothers in their extended family," Miranda  explains. "This can include stepmothers, daughters, grandmothers,  mothers-in-law, godmothers, aunts and even their friends who are moms."

Some more Mother's Day facts and trends from Carlton Cards and IMRA  research: Number Of Cards Sent: According to Carlton Cards, an estimated 22  million Mother's Day cards will be exchanged industry wide, making Mother's  Day the third largest seasonal greeting card occasion of the year. Carlton  Cards offers more than 1,500 Mother's Day designs.    

Most popular Mother's Day purchases:

Total exceeds 100 percent due to multiple gifts purchased    

Men Vs. Women: As might be expected, Mother's Day attracts a larger  percentage of male purchasers than most other holiday occasions. About 20  percent of all Mother's Day cards will be purchased by men versus 80 percent  by women. (This compares to ten percent men, 90 percent women for seasonal  occasions overall.)   

When Are They Purchased?: Carlton Cards research indicates a fair  amount of planning goes into purchasing Mother's Day cards for many people.  More than 50 percent of all card-buyers purchase them two weeks before  Mother's Day. About 30 percent procrastinate, waiting one week or less before  Mother's Day to purchase their cards.   

Changing Family Dynamics: Cards remain a central part of most family  Mother's Day celebrations, but Carlton Cards research shows the types of cards  being sent are changing. Because "family" can mean so many different things  today, there are cards appropriate for single and divorced moms, stepmoms,  foster mothers, caregivers, guardians and others who play "motherly roles" in  the lives of children. An estimated 40 percent of all Mother's Day cards will  be sent to someone other than one's own mother. First time mothers receive the  most cards of all.

Source: Carlton Cards