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What to NOT Get Mom For Mother's Day

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Survey shows what mom really "doesn't" want for Mother's Day

Give household and garden items to mom this Mother's Day at your own risk!� That's the message in a new poll. The poll, sponsored by a leading online personal gift service reveals that moms want to be showered with jewelry and flowers, a day off from household chores and quality time with their family.

500 moms were asked to name their best and worst Mother's Day gifts. They were also asked to indicate the gifts they most wish for this year.

Worst Mother's Day Gifts Ever

The poll reveals gifts that have made moms cringe...including carpet cleaner, a thigh-master, a night out at their husband's favorite restaurant and a card that read, "reupholster the chair in the master bedroom."

Worst gifts ever, according to 500 U.S. moms, were:

1. Forgetting Mother's Day -- 15%

2. Kitchen appliances -- 12%

3. Garden tools -- 11%

4. Cleaning supplies -- 11%

5. Dead and poorly arranged flowers -- 5%

According to the poll, moms care most that loved ones remember their special day.� A reassuring 46% said that anything their kids give them is a "good gift."


Best Mother's Day Gifts Ever

Apparently surprises make moms happy.� Tickets to a Cleveland Indians game and a shopping spree to Chicago's Michigan Avenue were highlighted by two moms as their best gifts ever.�

According to the poll, best gifts ever were:

1. Jewelry -- 24%

2. Home and school-made cards -- 18%

3. Home and school-made gifts -- 17%

4. A day at the Spa -- 15%

5. Help with chores, or a day of rest -- 5%

6. Beauty Products -- 4%

Mother's Day Wish List

Moms are wishing for many different things this Mother's Day, from hugs and kisses to furniture, but the most popular wishes are for a little luxury and pampering. While some moms are aiming high, wishing for a new car, a mansion or cruise, most moms just want to be "Queen for a day!"

Spa Finder, Inc

This year's Mother's Day Wish List gifts are:

1. The Ultimate Spa Gift Certificate -- 20%

2. Help with chores -- 14%

3. Jewelry -- 11%

4. Quality family time -- 8%

5. Dinner out, or breakfast in bed -- 7%

6. Flowers -- 6%

7. Perfume -- 4%