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Making a Family Scrapbook:
A Mother's Day Gift for the Grandmother of the Family

This Mother’s Day if you want to create something special for your mother, who is also the grandmother of the family, work with your children, siblings, nieces, and nephews to put together a family scrapbook for a Mother’s Day gift from the whole family.

To start, invite the family over for a day of making the scrapbook. Have everyone bring lots of photos of the family throughout the years. Also include such memories as children’s drawings, crafts from school, newspaper clippings of engagement announcements and birth announcements, home-made recipes, and anything else that is special to your family.

Let each family member make up a couple pages of scrapbook, so that everyone is involved. To add more color and craft, use scrapbookking paper or colored construction paper to border the pictures, and add stickers, ribbons, and designs on the pages. You can also write short paragraphs next to some of the photos, depicting a funny or memorable moment.

While everyone is working on the book, take a group photo of the family to be put on the first page of the scrapbook once it’s been developed. Have everyone sign the page around where the photo will be placed. Or, if the whole family isn’t available to get together on the same day, complete your own section of the book and then drop it off to the next family member to work on. Ask everyone to sign the front page, and use a previous family photo from a past holiday or gathering.

Leave plenty of blank pages in the back of the scrapbook so that your mother can add to it throughout the years, or the family can add to it together.

For the mother and grandmother of the family, this collection of memories will be the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Made from the hearts and hands of all her children and grandchildren, her Mother’s Day gift will continue to grow and share stories and memories for years to come.
Source: Chris Kullstroem

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