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What Mother's Day Means to our Moms

Have you ever noticed how much moms look forward to celebrating Mother's Day, even more than celebrating their own birthday?
It isn't because their birthday is about getting a year older - after all, we get older every day, not just on our birthdays.
Mothers enjoy Mother's Day because they want to be acknowledged and appreciated for all they have done for their children throughout the years as their mom.

If you’re a parent, you know that most parental good deeds go unnoticed. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to think back on all that your mother has gone through for you. Remember the financial strain your mother endured to get you those braces? How she made you eat those carrots and green beans so you wouldn’t grow into an adult who only eats red meat for supper? All those times she told you not to swear so you wouldn't develop bad habits, even when you caught her saying one once in a while? And all the worrying she did over you when you first started school, first started to date, and took that big move away from home.

For those of us who aren't moms, such sacrifices and unconditional love can seem a little hard to relate to. Mother's Day can seem like just another holiday that we don’t get off work, and you just have to buy a card, a few flowers, and then you're off the hook. But for your mom, remember that the day has much more meaning. She looks to you to be with her after all the times she was there for you.

This year, surprise your mom and d o something special for her this Mother's Day. It isn’t the present that she’s looking forward to, it’s you. Appreciate her for all that she’s done, and all that she means to you.

Source: Chris Kullstroem

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