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A Three-Generation Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day helps us find real quality time to dedicate to our mother. She is one of the most important people in our life, and spending the day with her shows her just how special she is, and how much we appreciate everything she’s done for us throughout the years. This year, expand that appreciation to your grandmother as well, and start a tradition of celebrating a Three Generation Mother’s Day.

Before making plans for how to spend the day, think about activities that you, your mother and grandmother really enjoy doing, but may not be able to do that often. This could be going to the theater to see the latest musical, going to a museum or art show, or spending the day shopping at your favorite stores. Give suggestions such as these to your mother and grandmother and tell them the choice is up to them, as well as choosing a nice restaurant for brunch, lunch or dinner for your day together.

For a different sort of Mother’s Day gift, try making something yourself that will have a personal touch. Buy two small gift boxes and fill them with some of your favorite goodies that you think your mother and grandmother may not know about but would also enjoy. These can include simple items from the grocery store such as a box of your favorite tea, a new brand of cookies that you’ve discovered, or a dessert that you made from your own recipe. Also include small gifts such as a new cookbook that would be perfect for their tastes, a pair of wool or thermal socks that are great for getting through the winter, or a small bath pillow. These personal gift boxes will give them an array of items to enjoy, both that are fitting to their individual tastes and that share your interests with them. This type of Mother’s Day gift will also be extra special because of the thought you put into creating them.

To make this quality time together extend beyond Mother’s Day, suggest that the three of you all make plans to start sharing a day together once a month, or more frequently if your schedules allow it. Your gatherings can include going out for brunch, going for a walk in a local park, or even something as simple as doing the grocery shopping together. Sometimes holidays such as Mother’s Day can help us start traditions that bring us together and can last all year, and creating time to be together is what will really make your mother and grandmother feel loved and close to you.

Plan to have this Three Generation Mother’s Day this year, and keep the bond to be passed down through generations.

Source: Chris Kullstroem

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