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A Mother's Day Garden

One great aspect of Mother's Day is that it's in the spring. This can give you and your mom the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and cure that cabin fever you've had all winter! If you and your mom both love to be outside in the nice weather, plan for a special day together that can reflect that. For a truly memorable and unique gift idea for this Mother's Day, have the two of you make a Mother's Day Garden.

For the big gift, fill a colorful wicker basket with packages of seeds of everything that you want to include in the garden. This can be flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc. You can tell your mom about the Mother’s Day Garden ahead of time so the two of you can decide on what you want to grow, or you can surprise her with the idea, and fill the basket with a big selection of things she's sure to love. In either case, just be sure to let her know beforehand not to get dressed up for the day! You can also include in her basket some gardening tools, gloves, a sunhat, and suntan lotion.

On the day of Mother's Day, the two of you can enjoy a wonderful day of gardening. Choose the location, turn the soil, plant the seeds, and even put up a small fence around it, if you choose. After the garden is complete, you and your mom can get together once a week or so to take care of it by weeding, watering, and just plain having a good time together watching it grow!

This Mother's Day Garden not only creates a wonderful day that you'll both always remember, it creates a wonderful season. All throughout the summer you'll both have flowers, vegetables and herbs to pick and share together.

Try this fun outdoor activity with your mom this Mother's Day, and enjoy a spring and summer together that you the two of you may even continue with each coming year.

Source: Chris Kullstroem

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