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Activities for Your Mom this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a great time to share with your mom and appreciate everything that she's done for you throughout the years. It’s a day when the two of you can go out and have fun in a way that only the two of you have together. In addition, Mother's Day reminds us that we should be looking out for our mom the way she did for us when we were growing up. If your mom is retired, tends to stay home a lot and does not get involved in many social activities, think of some ways that she could gain new hobbies and become more active in the community.

If your mom doesn’t have many friends living close by, it can be difficult for her to find new activities to get involved in. Yet there are many places right in her home town that are always seeking volunteers, and would be the perfect outlet for her to find friends, be active and find things she would enjoy doing. Such places can include a museum of art, history or science, an aquarium, a library, a community theater, or an active church group. Work that she can participate in can include being a docent or a guide, volunteering with children in after school activities, helping with social events, and much more. Volunteering in this way can provide an active environment where your mom can use her individual skills and make friends who she will have a lot in common with.

It can be difficult for some people to take the initiative to start something new, especially for the older generation if they have not been involved in something like this before. Everything is new and unknown. This is where you can help your mom, by going to some of these places together, and seeing if they have opportunities that she would enjoy participating in.

This Mother's Day, suggest activities such as these to your mom. Think of organizations in your area that she especially enjoys visiting. Go there together in the next few weeks, just to enjoy the atmosphere, and not to make any definite plans. This is a good first step, and the two of you can enjoy the times together just simply spending the days in these different places.

Once out there, your mom can make friends who live locally and share common interests. Volunteering with an organization that interests your mom will allow her to be more active and have something to look forward to every day. This could be one of the greatest gifts you could give your mom for Mother’s Day. Share with her a new hobby and group of friends, the way she shared so much of this with you throughout the years.

Source: Chris Kullstroem

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